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Fellows and Past Presidents



KSRT Fellows are members who have given back to the society in a meaningful way. The Fellows committee updated the process to be more in alignment with the ASRT's Fellow process, wherein members apply to become a Fellow. The Fellows committee then will review the application and determine if the member meets the criteria. The Fellows application can be downloaded here. The Fellows committee notifies the Board of Directors that an applicant has met the criteria and asks for a vote. The designation of Fellow will be bestowed upon the member at the annual convention.

Past Presidents

Being president of the Kansas Society of Radiologic Technologists isn't just a one-year commitment. First, they are the president-elect, decided by a vote at the annual convention. The following year, they are elevated to president, then immediate past president, then chair of the board of directors.

KSRT Fellows

Eldon Tuttle, RT (1987)

Virginia E. Detlor, RT (1988)

Roger C. Schnackenberg, RT (1989)

Geula McDonald, RT (1996)

Elmer Reed, RT (1997)

Brian M. Ralph, RT (1999)

Janie Ward, RT (2000)

Kathy S. Riedel, RT (2000)

Kevin R. Berger, RT (2002)

Keith E. Burgess, RT (2002)

Linda L. Croucher, RT (2002)

Douglas E. Billings, RT (2003)

Roland J. Swanson, RT (2004)

Clifford D. Stewart, RT (2008)

Scott A. Slous, RT (2012)

Denise K. Orth, RT (2013)

Ronald D. Shipley, RT (2014)

Megan R. Rucker, RT (2019)

Past Presidents

1936-39           Ester Helpieu, RT

1939-40           Lottie Gaines, RT

1940-42           Therese Torgeson, RT

1942-44           Sophia McQuillen, RT

1944-46           Cora K. McJilton, RT

1946-48           Edith McMillen, RT

1948-50           Sister M. Anita, RT

1950-51           Alberta Hoff, RT

1951-52           Leona Lancelot, RT

1952-53           Alberta Hoff, RT

1953-55           Geulia Richardson McDonald, RT, FKSRT

1955-56           Lyle Tharp, RT

1956-57           Lois Berthot, RT

1957-58           Don Grace, RT

1958-60           Virginia E. Detlor, RT, FKSRT

1960-61           Eleanor Freel, RT

1961-62           Robert Peterson, RT

1962-63           Eleanor Wellborn, RT

1963-64           Dave Williams, RT

1964-65           Gene Grogan, RT

1956-66           Darrell Herman, RT

1966-67           Earle McRae, RT

1967-68           Jim Herink, RT

1968-69           Elmer Reed, RT, FKSRT

1969-70           Roger Schnackenbreg, RT, FKSRT

1970-71           Roland Swanson, RT, FKSRT

1971-72           Roger Schnackenbreg, RT, FKSRT

1972-73           James D. Pine, RT

1973-74           Jerry Bobey, RT

1974-75           Dan Frisby, RT

1975-76           Gene Daniels, RT

1976-77           Charles W. Lee, RT

1977-78           Frank Linneman, RT

1978-79           Eldon Tuttle, RT, FKSRT

1979-80           Phillip O. Barry, RT

1980-81           Keith Burgess, RT, FKSRT

1981-82           Ellen Czarnowsky, RT

1982-83           Sharada (Janie) Ward, RT, FKSRT

1983-84           Carolyn Loop, RT

1984-85           Charles W. Lee, RT

1985-86           Marilyn Chapman, RT

1986-87           Thomas A. Long, RT

1987-88           Clifford D. Stewart, RT, FKSRT

1988-89           Brian M. Ralph, RT, FKSRT

1989-90           Kevin R Berger, RT, FKSRT

1990-91           V. June Downing, RT

1991-92           Linda Croucher, RT, FKSRT

1992-93           Doug Billings, RT, FKSRT

1993-94           Michael Miller, RT

1994-95           Kathy S. Riedel, RT, FKSRT

1995-96           Richard E. Pruden, RT

1996-97           James A. Palmer, RT

1997-98           Diana Showalter, RT

1998-99           Scott A. Slous, RT, FKSRT

1999-2000       James O. Crump, RT

2000-01           Judy Flax, RT

2001-02           Ron Shipley, RT

2002-03           Randy C. Stucky, RT

2003-04           Denise K. Orth, RT, FKSRT

2004-05           Todd J. Sazama, RT

2005-06           Lori H. Porubsky, RT

2006-07           Ronald W. Casey, RT

2007-08           Judy M. Flax, RT

2008-09           Eric Loeb, RT

2009-10           Judy A. Lynch, RT

2010-11           Melinda K. Chiroy, RT

2011-12           Kathryn J. Nichols, RT

2012-13           Todd J. Sazama, RT

2013-14           Jeffrey Vaughn, RT

2014-15           Megan (Ziegler) Rucker, RT

2015-16           Kyle Ibarra, RT

2016-17           Jennifer L. Smith, RT

2017-18           Sharada (Janie) Ward, RT, FKSRT

2018-19           Marie (Toni) Caldwell, RT

2019-20           Ronda Sunnenberg, RT

2020-21           Harmony Ibarra, RT

2021-22           Katilyn Slaton, RT

2022-23           Linda Gale Brown RT

2023-24           Denise K. Orth, RT, FKSRT

2024-25           Marie (Toni) Caldwell, RT

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